5 Best Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses

5 Best Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses

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Where to publish and sell online courses? 

It is always tough to find out the

“Best Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses”.


With the pace of time, online education is taking over traditional education and by 1825 the scenario will change where the online learning community will grow to a larger extent.

Expansion of online education and connectivity among online tutors and students is transforming education.

Open universities, free education communities, and platforms are making all this possible for learners.

Earlier it was difficult to get affordable learning solutions and but nowadays when mobile users have grown to such an extent, publishers can reach learners globally.

Different learning materials like videos, slideshows, webinars, and forums are just a click apart. Now you can carry digital notebooks with you without any weight.

Adding up courses and updating it timely increase the knowledge pool with the latest information. Nowadays, it is a cheaper, faster and potentially better alternative for the education system.

Several platforms that help to publish and sell online courses are listed below and learners can avail the variety of courses to improve their knowledge pool.


Best Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses

Everyone wants to create and share their creative ideas and how to sell those online becomes a tough question to handle. But now your issues are solved.  

The top, renowned and best-reviewed platforms where you can sell your e-learning courses and make a lot of money are listed below. You can choose it as your full-time plan or passive source of income.






It is one of the best-reviewed platforms where you can organize course content and sell to many customers.  It is one of the favorite platforms of bloggers and publishers as it has a cutting edge over Udemy.

But on teachable, the payment option is through credit card, so a bit problematic for students who don’t have it.  Sellers can add videos, images, text, audio and PDF files with ease.  It has a unique builder for branding.  

PRICING: From $39 per month to $299 per month.



Udemy is a safe website where the one-time fee is pocket-friendly for learners. Different payment modes are available. Go for the highly reviewed courses and top up your knowledge. Publishers can add videos, images, text, audio and PDF files and a quiz to enhance course credibility.


best online courses-platform

One issue with Udemy:

“Publisher will give up 50% of sales if Udemy brings in students through their marketing programs.”

“If the student buys the course through the publisher’s marketing program then 100% of revenue goes to the seller.”




best platforms for online courses


Podia is a good option for those who want to sell membership, digital downloads, and an online course. On this platform, both publishers and learners get the benefits.

Pricing starts from $39 per month (Mover plan) to $79 per month (Shaker plan). Go to the website and check out the features that will support your work.



Ruzuku is one of the finest online selling solutions with fantastic features. On this platform, course management is quick and easy.

Publishers can integrate MailChimp, Stripe and has teleconferencing option via email, live chat, and social media.

 Pricing: From $75 per month to $125 per month.




top online courses


The unique WizIQ program provides two solutions for learners, one is the online academy and other is the virtual classroom.

Publishers can sell videos and other files through the online academy and virtual classroom is good for engaging students through live chat, audio calls, and polling.

Pricing: $27 per month-$ 68 per month. You can try WizIQ free plan. 


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